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My name is Darsh Armstrong and this is my business, Made with Love.

Thank you for visiting my website, which is an ever-changing and growing collection, showcasing my products. I have combined my love for plants and art to create these pieces. 

A bit about me...

I love expressing myself through art, working with plants and capturing beauty so others can see my world as I do. I try and incorporate into my pieces, my experiences, through travel that I have done and the many different cultures I have seen.

Why 'Made with Love'? While growing up, any birthday cards or hand-made gifts I made, I would label the back 'Made with Love by Darsh'. Since this is what I have been doing for so long, this label stuck and has now became the name of my business. :-) 

I have been creating and selling my products since November, 2015. Loving markets and being a regular market-goer, it was only natural for me to become a stall holder and sell my craft at local markets.

My background is in graphic design, banking and beauty therapy. These are all crazy different, but all were customer focused, which I love. After a number of years in the beauty industry, the long hours and massage lead to some nerve damage impacting my arms and hands. Leaving an industry which I was passionate about was tough, and my art was what I turned to. Working on my craft really provided a focus and helped me heal.

I am now running Made with Love full time :-)

My husband, Rhys, is totally amazing. He is my partner, best friend and better half. When it comes to the business, he is my driver, carrier of heavy things and generally great entertainment for customers and fellow craftspeople alike (just last week he was dancing along with the live music playing). ;-) 

My family and friends are super supportive and for this I will always be grateful. My love for nature, pretty things and green fingers have been passed down from my Mum. I'll always appreciate that she taught me such a healing and lovely trait - working with and growing plant-life. 

Enjoy my creations. I hope they make you smile, liven up your home or office decor and transport you to another place. Be sure to tell your friends, any support for my young business would be awesome!

I would love to meet you in person, come along and see us at the markets. :-) 

Any feedback is welcome. 

Contact details:

Darsh Armstrong

+64 27 901 7863

Check us out on facebook and instagram.