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Simple steps to take - Caring for your new terrarium

Watering - 
  • Succulents, including cacti, are able to store water so they do not need too much watering. You can water the plants in your terrarium using a teaspoon. This will allow you to reach the plant and roots without disrupting the arrangement (especially if they are in a small rounded terrarium). Just water around the plant, watering areas only where the plant's roots are. Do not pour water directly over the plant. 
  • Allow soil to dry between watering. Summer/Spring - four teaspoons every week (for each plant). Autumn/Winter - two teaspoons every week (for each plant).
Light -
  • Keep indoors in an area where they can get plenty of indirect light, and they are not subject to too much direct sun. Some open terrariums are fine in full sun so you can place these on a window sill - be sure to ask me and I will let you know.
Pruning - 
  • Leafy plants can be trimmed to keep them at your desired shape and size.

Glass - 

  • You can use a damp paper towel to clean and dust the glass. Be careful to avoid touching the plant. Do not use cleaning spray on the inside of the terrarium as chemicals can harm the plant.