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Underwater seascape featuring a Yellow Angelfish. The fish is painted with acrylic and glass paint. Art is painted on both sides of the glass. A nice addition to your home or office, they also look great as bathroom or nursery decor. 

  • You will receive in your terrarium: 

    • A mix of succulents and cacti (allowing enough space for growth and eventual spreading of plants).

    • Fertilised soil mix and materials to help with moisture control

    • Stones, shells, moss, glass stones

    • Decorative stones, shells or driftwood.

  • Images show an extra small stemless wine glass terrarium and is a sample only. Please select the size you would like from the drop down menu (See the terrarium size guide for more information). For larger sized terrariums more plants will be used and more painted decoration will be done.

  • Similar plants and painted decoration will be used.  Plants may vary by season and availability. 

  • This piece of art will be unique - each terrarium is lovingly hand-made and hand-painted, no two terrariums will be exactly the same

  • An easy care guide will be provided with every purchase. 

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