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'Home Sweet Home'


Hand-painted Pink Robins. They have built their beautiful new nest and are starting a new family. This was a custom piece I did for a house warming gift. Pink Robins are native to southeastern Australia. The male has the attractive pink feathers and white crown. In nature, their nests are built out of moss, bound with spider webs and lined with fern and fur. I have used garden materials to create their nest (and stayed well away from any spiders!)

Paintings are done on both sides of the glass, so art can be seen from lots of different angles.

  • You will receive in your terrarium: 

    • A mix of succulents and cacti (allowing enough space for growth and eventual spreading of plants).

    • Fertilised soil mix and materials to help with moisture control

    • Stones, shells, moss, glass stones

    • Decorative stones, shells or driftwood.

  • Sample images are of the custom piece I made, which was an extra large fishbowl. This design requires the glass vessel to be at least a medium size, to ensure enough materials for the plants and detail to the painting. See the terrarium size guide for more information. For anything larger, please contact me directly.

  • Similar plants and painted decoration will be used. Plants may vary by season and availability. 

  • This terrarium will be unique - each is lovingly hand-made and hand-painted, no two terrariums will be the same

  • An easy care guide will be provided with every purchase. 

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