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  • You will receive in your terrarium: 

    • A mix of succulents and cacti (allowing enough space for growth and eventual spreading of plants).

    • Fertilised soil mix and materials to help with moisture control

    • Stones, shells, moss, glass stones

    • Decorative stones, shells or driftwood - including a hand-painted 'snake' shell as a feature

  • Sample images show a medium glass globe terrarium. Please select the size you would like from the drop down menu (See the terrarium size guide for more information). If you would like a larger size or some customised elements, please contact me directly.

  • Similar plants and decoration will be used. Plants may vary by season and availability. 

  • Your terrarium will be unique - each terrarium is lovingly hand-made, no two terrariums will be the same

  • An easy care guide will be provided with every purchase. 

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